Now that spring is in the air (sort of), a feeling that I find overtakes me each year is a desire to freshen things up for the upcoming seasons. This feeling isn’t quite so strong this year, as we just moved into a new place, but I’m sure that in a few months I’ll be looking for ways to change up our home to work with our family in the warmer weather. My husband is especially excited about this post because it had the word “budget” in it (You’re welcome, babe!). Here are a few of my thoughts on how to trick yourself into feeling like you spent a lot of money, without actually spending a lot of money.

1. Change the layout

Now I’ll admit, this is not as easy if you live in a small space, but switching up the layout of rooms in your home is probably one of the most effective ways to refresh your look. And it’s completely free! We did this in previous home (we haven’t been in this one long enough to really constitute a change) and were so happy with the results!

2. Sell what you don’t want

My advice to you, if you’re tired of a particular piece, would be to make kijiji or craigslist your best friend and sell! Even if you just make 20 bucks off a canvas painting or an old shelf, you can put that towards the purchase of a new work of art or piece of furniture. If you find you don’t need anything new, you’ll have less clutter and a bit of extra cash in your pocket. It’s a win-win situation!


3. Shop your home

Shopping your home is free and I’ve done this with great success many times. Move things around from room to room. Have some pictures or candle holders in your bedroom that you think would look good in the living room? Switch it up! Move a cute little dessert plate from the kitchen into your bedroom as a catcher or ring holder. Numerous times people would ask if I got a new piece of art or furniture and I would do a little happy dance because I didn’t spend a cent!

4. Embrace outdoor living

What could be more refreshing than having tons of nature-inspired textures and scents in your home? Bring in tons of greenery as it can help purify the air in your home. In summer, use fresh cut flowers or as a cheaper option, house plants all over the house, and in fall and winter bring in more colourful or sturdy foliage to create a cozier mood.


5. Deep clean & purge!

This doesn’t cost anything but your time. Open all the windows, blast some music and dedicate a good chunk of time to sorting through piles and bins and tossing, donating or selling the things you no longer need. Dedicate some of that time to scrubbing, dusting and disinfecting your home. Wash your linens and sleep like a baby after a hard day’s work.

What are some ways you plan to refresh your home for spring?