As a working mom who commutes into the city 3 days a week, our family has some pretty long and busy days. When I decided to go back to work after maternity leave, I knew that I didn’t want to sacrifice my family’s well-being (in many ways) because I was away from home for the majority of the work week, so I find meal planning and bulk cooking very helpful.

Every month or so, I try to take a day at home to myself to deep clean and make a bunch of meals in advance. Crockpot and freezer meals are my best friend!! I like to make big batches, that way we can have enough for dinner and lunch for the hubby and I the next day. I’m relatively new to the world of slow cookers, so I’m still testing things out to see what our family does and doesn’t like. I thought I’d share a 5 day meal plan with you.


Quick and Easy Chana Masala – Oh She Glows – Have you heard of Oh She Glows? If not, you need to get on the bandwagon. A fellow Oakvillian, Angela makes some of the most delicious vegan and gluten free meals I’ve ever had. I do this one in the crockpot and serve with basmati rice and veggies.


Jamaican Curry Chicken, Rice and Peas and Salad – I grew up eating this, it’s such a comfort food for me! It’s my grandma’s recipe! The chicken can be done in the crockpot or on the stove!


Warm & Roasted Winter Salad – Oh She Glows (link to site)  This one is a family favourite, and yes, it says “winter” salad but I am guilty of eating it all year round! I don’t work Wednesdays so I have a bit more time to prep this meal.


Mustard Salmon and sautéed veggies – this meal is easy enough to prep the night before and then throw together once I get home.


Pulled Chicken Tacos – we are having friends over for dinner and this is easy peasy and delicious!
Do you have any favourite crockpot or freezer meals? Share them in the comments, I would love to try them out!