This week we take a trans-atlantic flight with our toddler, and I have to admit: I’m nervous. I really don’t want to be that family with the screaming kid, though I know I have no control over that. This post is partially to help me stay organized, and is also for those of you in a similar position to us – attempting air travel for the first time as a parent. Here’s a peek at our diaper bag aka survival kit.

1. All the Snacks

Friends that have flown with a little one have expressed how important it is to have a ton of snacks, even treat-like snacks, to pacify a fussy kiddo. Typically I know that rewarding whiny behaviour is not the best parenting, but on flights, I think you’re just in survival mode and treats are justifiable. B likes those Gerber yogurt drops so I’ll bring a bunch of those, some bunny crackers, fruit packs and raisins.

2. All the Diapers

I’ve known people who have gotten stuck overnight in a foreign city with a baby and ran out of diapers! Yikes!! The rule, I’m told, is bring twice as many as you think you’ll need. Wipes (both for baby bum and hands) will also be in high supply for this flight.

3. Skip-Hop Diaper Clutch

We LOVE our diaper bag but it can be a bit bulky and I think it would be a bit of a challenge to navigate narrow airplane aisles with it. I’m afraid I would whack some unsuspecting sleeper in the face on our way to the bathroom! This diaper clutch is super handy. It’s sleek, has a built in change pad and space for a couple diapers, wipes and a snack! This is what we will be carrying with us to the airplane bathroom and when we’re popping out for a short excursion on our trip.

4. Two Changes of Clothes

My mom has told me the story many times how, when she flew with me as a baby, I puked all over her clothes during take off. (Not much has changed, I still get air sick). I’ll be packing not one but two changes of clothes for Benny, just in case. I’ll roll them up very small so they fit into the bag. I’m planning on packing comfy clothes like sweat pants for him.

5. New Toys and Books

My aim is to pick up a few quiet but entertaining toys from the dollar store and some books that Benny has never seen before. I’m going to wrap them up in colourful paper and give them to Benny every 30-60 minutes. I’m going to pack a photo album so he can look at pictures of family and friends on the way. I’ve also found that his favourite toys are things that aren’t actually toys, so, I kid you not, I am going to buy him a cheap universal remote (no batteries in it) because he loves pressing buttons, and maybe some painter’s tape and/or stickers and a clear plastic sheet.

6. Medicine

This includes Tylenol, teething stuff, Benedryl. The last thing we want is to get stuck in the air for 8 hours with a baby who needs medicine. We will keep this close at all times.

7. Compact Stroller

– a few months ago we bought this on sale AND with gift cards (I think we paid a grand total of $20 out of our pockets), and we love it because it can fold up and stow above our seats on the plane, which means we can take it right up to the gate.

8. Ergo Carrier

A friend told me her little one didn’t sleep on their flight to France unless she stood and bounced with him in the ergo. Not sure how Benny will be but I’m sure not taking any chances. The ergo will be in one of our carry on bags!

9. Blanket

I’m always cold on flights, so I’ll be packing a warm but not too bulky blanket for bubba to cuddle up under.

That’s about it…unless there’s something big I’m missing. I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments!