NEWS FLASH: Having a kid changes your life.

Duh, you might say. I think I knew that in theory before I had Benny, but I had no concept of exactly how much would be required of me and how little time I would have for myself. I think my first 48 hours of motherhood were a strange combination of bliss, fatigue and shock.

When you’re pregnant, especially for the first time, it seems like everyone from family to complete strangers has unsolicited advice for you on EVERYTHING related to labour, delivery and parenting. Usually you just nod politely and say “thanks,” or for the really outrageous advice you give a blank stare. (I have SO many good stories from when I was pregnant with Benny and hope to write a post along the lines of Stuff People Say to Pregnant Women. Get excited, folks.)

My friend Morgan has had a series on her blog called “Advice for New Moms”. This has been such a fun series to follow, and if you or anyone you know is expecting a baby for the first time, read all the posts! I’ve written a guest post over there, so check it out! I know I am not the wisest or most experienced, so take from it what you will, and I’ll try not to read too much into your polite nod and “thanks.”