June 1, 2014 was a very special day for Rony and I as a couple: we found out that we would be welcoming a baby into the world! We agreed from the beginning that we wouldn’t find out the sex of the baby before birth (which is SO fun, I totally recommend it…but that’s another post for another day) which meant that we would have to create a gender neutral nursery. That was SO fun for me. Since moving to our condo, I wanted to keep our Bubba’s room from becoming too stereotypically boyish (think Spiderman or Thomas the Train everywhere) so we carried over the same pieces to our new place for his room. Also, living in a small space means that most, if not all pieces of furniture should serve a double purpose. With this in mind, we set out to decorate his room. Though I’m quite happy with how it turned out, I’m thinking that this kid’s room needs a few splashes of colour so I’ll hopefully be adding some floating shelves to display some fun pieces in the near future.

I searched tirelessly for this crib but it’s a proverbial unicorn in Canada, it’s so difficult to find. Instead, we opted for the Sniglar crib from Ikea and am really thankful we went with this one. The price was definitely right!

Benny_3 Benny_5


Bubba’s previous room was very bright with two windows but quite a bit smaller, so I knew I had to be smart about how we furnished the room. I decided against a “change table” and opted for a dresser with a change pad on top – does the job quite well and gives us the clothing storage we need.

This hope chest (below) was my mom’s – her friends made it for her by hand when she was 16. What a sweet gift!! She graciously passed it on to me before I got married and I’m happy to be able to incorporate it in Bubba’s room. Plus, it opens up and has….more storage inside! A handmade heirloom with seating and storage: a winner in my books.


I commissioned [can I even use that word? I didn’t pay for it :)] the hubs to do this piece for baby’s room and I LOVE how it turned out. It has the lyrics to one of my favourite songs. It’s also so sweet to me that he has a one of a kind, made just for him art piece in his bedroom.



Rug: Homesense
Basket: Homesense
Garland: Etsy (I’m sorry, I don’t remember the exact vendor)
Robin’s Egg Painting: Kelly Bermudez
Bookshelf: IKEA
Dresser: IKEA

There you have it! Our gender-neutral nursery!